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Who Buys Cars We Do Any Vehicle, Any Condition 


Who buys carsIt’s not what we do, it’s how we do it that set us apart

 Cash for Cars buys cars and trucks every day for recycling. With years of experience, we are able to quote you the best possible price for your old car. Give us the opportunity to pay you top dollar for your vehicle. It’s based on current metal prices and the demand for parts. Our goal is to make selling your less-than-perfect vehicle a painless and easy process. Our same-day service with in-person adjusters sets us apart from other companies.

We believe that you can rely on us for the best cash offer on your vehicle through our in-person service no matter what the condition. Our reputation for being a leader in the automotive industry starts every day with you the client. Our promise is to continue to do a great job for all our customers new and old. We are family-owned and have been serving the Kansas City Metro with 2 locations for over 30 years.

Who Buys Cars Cash for Cars?

You can sell a “like-new car” or “old used car” to us. We like to buy Toyota, Honda, Camry and Accord, Civic, and clean used cars. We really bend over backward to buy your late-model, low mileage car or truck, and trade-in in any condition. However, we are realistic and know that most people buy their cars and drive them, until that sad day when the vehicle is no longer useful to them. Because of that, we buy cars in every condition.

We can buy a fleet of trucks and the ability to buy the junk car your ex left in the driveway years ago and anything in between these extremes, and we can do it today! We will come to your home or office with an instant cash offer and buy your car, truck, van, SUV, or commercial vehicle. We handle all the paperwork and will tow your automobile for free.

Who Buys Cars, Trucks, Suv’s, Mini van’s & Motorcycles

We will pay you cash for your used vehicle! Aside from offering the best pricing, we also give free towing and same-day service. Our customers can expect the fastest, easiest and safest way of selling a car. With just one call you can get an instant cash offer and sell your vehicle the same day. Who Buys Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Classics, Commercial vehicles, and more we do.

If it’s got wheels and an engine we want it you get paid cash today. Have you or someone you know wrecked a car? Maybe your truck just broke down on you, or it’s time to scrap your old, worn-out car? We are Kansas City’s car buyers, giving instant cash offers, and paying cash for damaged and wrecked vehicles, cars with engine or transmission problems, cosmetic issues, and even cars that are just ready for the scrap yard. Call now, our buyers will give an instant cash offer for you to sell your junk car today.

Who Buys Cars?

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Who buys cars and that makes selling a used vehicle that is damaged or broken fast an easy Cash for Cars does. Thus, this is the reason we have decided to reinvent the process of buying vehicles. We make the process of buying cars anxiety-free and transparent.

Hence, we address the main stress point – the haggling and negotiations. Don’t be fooled by mechanics who want you to spend more on repairs than your junk car is worth. Often, it’s more of a gamble to spend money on an older vehicle that could soon have another unrelated mechanical failure.

Have you or somebody you know ever said: “who buys cars that are broken or damaged” to find out what your car is worth calling today for a quick sell. Our agent buys cars and gives you the best possible instant cash offer. Thus, we make the process of buying your used car fast! You can get an instant offer on your vehicle, and our team will pick up your car and pay you in cash the same day.