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I have to sell my wrecked car because I rear-ended a guy on the freeway last night. Everybody is ok. However, the car is wrecked. Firstly, I survived, but how do I cope with a totaled car?

The Wrecked Car Storage Bill

The guy at the tow lot said they could salvage it for me. It should be noted, I’d still be paying for towing and storage. He said I might be able to find a recycler that will pay me for it. Every day it’s in their tow lot I owe them money. The towing and storage fees for one day already exceed 200 dollars.

Secondly, do not give them the car as payment for services rendered (towing, storage) until you know the value of your wrecked car.

Thirdly, some of the time the people at the towing lot want you to believe the wrecked vehicle is worth nothing. So they get to double-dip in charging you for towing, storage, and the profit from your misfortune and wrecked car.

 Wrecked Car Salvage Value

Over 6 million auto accidents take place per year in the United States. Thus, leaving millions of used vehicles damaged beyond repair. If your car is wrecked or damaged and is beyond repair, there are several options you have to dispose of it. Many people have difficulty deciding what to do with a wrecked car.

Depending on the condition of your wrecked vehicle, you may be able to maximize the amount you get for it.  Hence, making a few calls and selling it a good idea. If you can say, I want to sell my vehicle call Cash for Cars it’s the easiest way to sell a less-than-perfect used car or truck”.

I want to sell my wrecked car to Cash for Cars

Once you’ve been involved in an accident, much of your fate is in the hands of others. There is an opportunity for your input, as well as procedures for you to challenge decisions made on your behalf. Generally, once your car is towed away, the insurance companies take over. A totaled vehicle doesn’t have to look like a burned-out shell that is smashed flat.

What looks like a wrecked car with minor damage to an older car is an expensive repair. The repair cost is more than the value of the vehicle. The same damage on a newer Mercedes might also be a costly repair, but the value of the car is more money than the repair cost.

The amount of damage is a factor only as it relates to the used car’s value. Parting a vehicle out requires time and a place to store the broken car until it is parted out. A scrap yard (also known as a wrecking yard or junkyard) is a place where many wrecked vehicles get recycled.

The yard will then keep the car for a while and sell specific parts of the car that is still usable. Once the usable parts are removed from the damaged car, the company will crush the old car and use it for scrap metal. Scrapping a wrecked vehicle is usually the most convenient way to get rid of it, but it leaves you with little financial gain.

No insurance claim

No insurance claim, choosing instead to live with some cosmetic damage to your old car. Especially for older cars, a claim may not get you enough money to buy a car that’s more reliable than the dented but safe ride you now have. Call several salvage yards and get quotes for your damaged car. This way you can use a quote from one person to negotiate a better deal with another damaged car buyer. This will maximize your chance of getting the best price for a wrecked car.

Know The Value Of Your Car

Therefore, knowing what comes next can undoubtedly reduce some of the stress accompanying accidents. Hence, providing a game plan for dealing with the insurance companies on your damaged car claim. Cash for Cars offers you a simple way to handle all the damaged car details. Sell us your damaged car instantly and take the sting out of what to do with your wrecked car.

Recent Repairs Or Upgrades

Tell the insurance company about any recent repairs or upgrades. The insurance company says your car is a total loss and they want to pay you for it. Take a look and see if there is anything about the condition of your vehicle that is unusual or unique.

Bringing that to the attention of the insurance company could enhance your payment. Examples are very low miles and recent repairs or upgrades (oil changes, new tires, etc.). You will need to get invoices for those items. Thus, you will need to prove the cost and date of repairs.

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