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How to sell a car

Selling a car is as easy as 123 with our team of highly skilled professionals. We are aiming to answer all of your questions to make it quick and hassle-free.  Here are some of the most popular questions. However, if you have questions about something not listed or would rather talk to someone in person or on the phone about selling a car, please call Cash for Cars at 913-271-9406.

  Can I sell my vehicle that is wrecked, damaged or broken?

  There are times that you are running out of time in selling your car. You may find yourself asking, “How will I able to sell my used car that is wrecked, damaged, or broken for a reasonable and quick price?” The truth of the matter is that selling a used car nowadays requires gaining exposure through advertising. Through this exposure, you are required to pay for it. This is true in the market with any new or used cars and trucks. There are many ways that you can sell you wrecked, damaged, broken or disabled car. Instead of selling your car in local newspapers, mediums of advertising and classified ads, you can instead rely on Cash for Cars that serves Kansas City and surrounding areas to purchase your used car. This is a hassle-free and quicker way of selling a car

  I am Interested in Selling my Vehicle Hassle-Free and Fast!

How will I be able to sell my vehicle hassle-free and fast? Cash for Cars offers you the opportunity to sell your vehicle without any worry. There is no need to spend a single dime or much time. We purchase cars in Kansas City and other surrounding areas and we pay on the spot! There is no hassle and you do not need to spend your hard earned money and time on exposure and advertising. 

Whether you want to sell your used vehicle to meet your finances, buy a new car or raise a capital or just to eliminate your car, consider Cash for Cars, we will provide you with a no-obligation free quote. If you are interested in accepting the quote right after the inspection, you will have an opportunity to sell your vehicle on the spot. You will not need to go through all of the work that is involved in selling a car through conventional methods of advertising and expense.

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               I am Interested in Selling My Car- How will I Get Started?

Selling your vehicle is often a tedious and frustrating process. This takes up so much time and effort and leaves you feeling upset and frustrated. You may not be interested in selling your unwanted used car while spending more money. If you are thinking of selling your car, you can start the process with us. Cash for Cars is a reputable company that gives you the opportunity to get a quote for your vehicle today! You will be surprised by the amount of money and time that you may save. You will also be happy about how easy it is to sell your old used car to Cash for Cars. 

 What if my keys are lost?

If your keys are lost, do not worry because this is not a big problem. We recommend you go to a car repair shop or any car business that provides a duplicate key. You can get another key before selling your used car. It will help if you provide a key for the fast and quick selling of your car for the most amount of money. Key or no key it’s ok either way.

 What if I have no title?

It is not a problem if you do not have a title. There is only a need to present the registration copy and driver’s license. These are all needed in the fast selling of your used car. Once you have found these documents, you just need to notify us at the soonest time possible and we will set a scheduled time to meet with you and your vehicle.

 In the event that I lost my car’s registration, what will I do?

In the event that you lost your car’s registration, then you should be prepared for the next step. Always remember that we need this copy in picking up your used car. It is best to obtain the registration information from the website of your motor vehicle department.

 I am not the owner of the used car, but I have the title, what must I do?

The only thing that is needed is to have it signed by the real owner. You need to ask permission from the present owner and have a POA form to get rid of it. This way, you can expect to sell your car fast. As long as you get the form signed, selling a car is not a problem.

 What does etitle or paperless title mean?

The 2002 Kansas legislature authorized titles with the lien(s) to be issued in electronic format (held by the division of vehicles as a paperless title), effective Jan. 1, 2003. The Kansas Division of Vehicles cannot issue a Kansas title for a vehicle with a loan or lien.

 If I have purchased a property with an abandoned car, what must I do?

It is best to contact the police station for further instructions. With these instructions, you can get the right paperwork that is needed for the abandoned vehicle. There is a need to do this before the tower arrives and dispatches it. You do not like the idea of getting the paperwork while the towers are on their way.

 One of the tenants abandoned his vehicle in the parking lot?

The best thing to do is to contact the nearest police station. This way, you can get the best instructions. These instructions are needed in getting the right paperwork for the vehicle that is left on the property. You must do this before the tower is dispatched.

 How fast will your Team pick up my Used Vehicle that is Broken, Wrecked, and Damaged?

Our towing team is fully equipped to pick up your used vehicle that is broken, wrecked or damaged. In the densely populated surrounding, you get the same day service upon your request. There is no need to worry because our team will be there for you. There is no need to wait for a long time just so your used car is picked up. Once you contact us, our team is ready to pick it up for your convenience.

 Do I still need to be with my used car?

There is no need for you to be with your used car. There is only a need to make special arrangements with our tow drivers. The car must be left at the desired location along with the necessary documentation. This leaves you stress-free and worry-free. You only need to stay at your house while our team handles and transports your car.

 Is there any other form of payment than just cash?

When calling in for your quote, you can ask the buyer if you can be paid by donation, gift offers or special vacation for the month! As you see, we think about the convenience of our clients in doing business with us. They can get the payment in any form that they want.

The Kansas Division of Vehicles does not require title applications, and bills of sale completed within Kansas to be notarized.

 However, a release of lien and lien holder consent from a Kansas lienholder will need to be notarized.