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Junk Car & Wrecked Truck

A Junk Car From Winter Driving

Winter driving and icy conditions left me with a wrecked car and a wrecked truck. Both are going to be totaled vehicles. Vehicle crashes occur on the snowy, slushy or icy pavement causing damaged cars and trucks. Snow and ice reduce pavement friction and vehicle maneuverability, causing slower speeds and wrecked cars.

cash for a wrecked car

My Wrecked Car

To Sell A Wrecked Car Call 913-271-9406 I have a damaged car because I rear-ended a guy on the freeway last night. Everybody is ok, my car, however, my car is wrecked. I survived the accident, but how do I cope with a totaled car? The guy at the towing lot said they could salvage it … Continue reading My Wrecked Car

trade in your used car before its an old car

Do it in December

Who buys cars Who buys cars, every one of us at some point will probably buy a car or truck. Hence, if you plan on buying a new car the best time to do so is in the last part of December. This is the time of year is known as "The end of a … Continue reading Do it in December

a used car is a huge savings on insurance

Debt, Cash, Freedom

   A NEW CAR, BUT YOU WANT TO BE DEBT FREE. I love letting my husband get the things that he enjoys, but marriage is a partnership. Like any partnership, sometimes you have to make unbiased decisions on behalf of the other person. That means that, occasionally, I’ve got to be Bad Cop to keep … Continue reading Debt, Cash, Freedom

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Damaged Cars & Trucks

Buying Damaged Cars & Trucks We have been buying damaged cars & trucks in Olathe, Kansas and the surrounding area, for nearly 20 years. Our purpose is to make sure that automotive recycling and reconditioning meets the highest standards for a greener planet. Hence, professional automotive recyclers play a key role in the disposal of … Continue reading Damaged Cars & Trucks