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Buying Damaged Cars & Trucks

We have been buying damaged cars & trucks in Olathe, Kansas and the surrounding area, for nearly 20 years. Our purpose is to make sure that automotive recycling and reconditioning meets the highest standards for a greener planet. Hence, professional automotive recyclers play a key role in the disposal of damaged vehicles. Thus, we are the ones who make sure that every vehicle scrapped is dealt with in an en­vironmentally friendly way. The world generates way too many non-recycled items. It is up to us to make sure to take every opportunity possible to recycle.

An End-Of-Life Vehicle is one which has reached the end of the road by way of its age or cost of repairs. The ELV is a vehicle that is going to be recycled. Therefore, we urge all motorists to take this opportunity to get rid of their dead batteries, old tires and used motor oil in an environmentally friendly way. Thus, by recycling damaged cars you will help keep harmful chemicals out of landfills where they can contaminate soil and groundwater. When a vehicle has reached the end of its useful life it is time to think about sending it to the salvage yard. Therefore, the driving public should consider scrapping their 1995 or older model vehicle if it is wrecked or damaged.

Knowing what to do with each vehicle plays a role in the amount that we can offer on each vehicle. We will buy your  Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, and all other imports along with domestic vehicles if they are wrecked or damaged. That includes any make and any model along with any year. In Fact, we will buy your car in any condition, running or not. If your car is wrecked, damaged or broken, call today for instant cash offer.

Start recycling Damaged Cars

They bought my good used car and truck ar and a junk car
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